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Campaign has more than $140,000 on hand

Today, Patrick Hope's campaign for Congress reported the following fundraising numbers for the 1st quarter of 2014. These figures will be reported to the Federal Election Commission before the April 15th filing deadline.

Total Amount Raised:  Over $185,000
Cash On Hand:  Over $140,000
Total Number of Donations:  857
Total Number of Unique Donors:  651

"Patrick's fundraising total in just this first quarter is about six times what he raised throughout his victory in a hotly contested, five-way primary in 2009," campaign spokesman Jarrod Nagurka noted.  "Our campaign has focused on reaching out to the grassroots- which is demonstrated by the large number of individual contributors to this campaign and our victories in five of the six straw polls held in the 8th Congressional District."

The primary for the 8th Congressional District will be held on June 10th, and this is the only FEC filing that campaigns will make prior to that deadline.