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Patrick Hope - A New Generation of Progressive Leadership

June 6, 2014Press ReleaseVote this Tuesday, June 10th

With Rep. Jim Moran’s retirement comes a once-in-a-generation opportunity on June 10th to elect the Democrat who will likely go on to win the general election and be our next Member of Congress for years to come.

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Hope Hammers Home Differences on Welfare Reform Bill

May 19, 2014Press ReleaseBeyer refuses to respond directly to question in sunday debate

On Sunday morning, 8th district candidates met for their third candidates’ forum in four days at Temple Beth El in Alexandria, Virginia.  At all three forums, Patrick Hope raised serious and substantive questions about Don Beyer's role in Virginia's "welfare reform" efforts in the 1990's.

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Hope Draws Contrast with Beyer's Record, Wins Major Upset Victory in Fairfax Straw Poll

May 16, 2014Press Release

MCLEAN, VA:  Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) drew a strong contrast with former Lt. Governor Don Beyer at last night's candidates’ forum.   The forum included a straw poll of attendees and Hope won a significant upset victory well outside his political base.

Hope highlighted the 3,903 children in Fairfax County on a waiting list for subsidized childcare due to the Virginia "welfare reform" that Don Beyer called his "crowning achievement" as Lt. Gov. and that Beyer said was the "model" for welfare reform in the rest of the nation.

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Del. Kaye Kory Endorses Patrick Hope as Progressive Champion for 8th Congressional District

May 12, 2014Press Release

"Patrick and I were elected together in 2009 to the House of Delegates. When he founded the Progressive Caucus, I was the first legislator to join. I have been impressed by his outstanding leadership skills, the passion he brings to issues and how effective he is in the Legislature. Patrick Hope will stand up for the voiceless among us- the elderly, the young, the incarcerated, the sick and the disabled. He will make an outstanding Congressman and I look forward to helping him get elected!"

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